Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Causes and Effects Essay Outline-Obesity

Obesity has been a serious issues that happening among us. According to the reports, Malaysia was being ranked 6th  in the Asia with high obesity issues in 2010. Obesity is always being misunderstood by the people whereby they think overweight is considered as obesity. However, obesity is about having too much fat in the body. It is related with the eating patterns and habits which play an important part in order to live a healthy life. Therefore, obesity occurs with different causes and lead to several impacts on an individual.
Thesis statement:
There are several causes and effects of obesity.

a. Cause 1: Over eating can affect individuals get obesity easily.
Effect 1: Obesity might affect individual appearance as in fat and tubby. Thus, it will reduce their self-confidence.
Effect 2: Diseases such as heart attack, cancer, high blood pressure are one of the effects of obesity.

b. Cause 2: Lack of exercise can is the main cause of obesity.
Effect 1: Without proper exercise, the function of detoxification system of body is less effective due to lack of sweating.
Effect 2: The blood flow to the tissue in our body will decrease and make us get tired easily and less energetic.

c. Cause 3: Obesity mostly occurs when an individual having an imbalance diet.
Effect 1: Malnutrition will occur when individual only consume on specific that they wanted to.
Effect 2: In this case, individual may be incurred in excessive consumption of fats and cholesterol.

Obesity has brought a lot of disadvantages or negative impacts internally and externally in our life. To sum up, everyone should have start to concern with their health condition and daily lifestyle from now on to avoid obesity. A balance diet and regular exercise would be the key of a healthy lifestyle.


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